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Crossville, TN 38558 : Estimated Social Security SSI Benefit and Other SS Data

In addition to 'standard' Social Security, the SSA also largely administers the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Unlike Social Security benefits which are based on work history, SSI benefits are based on need.

In addition to being limited to those with low income and few assets, SSI recipients must report most income from other sources. Under SSI, any 'outside' income you receive may reduce your SSI benefit. This is not the case for 'normal' Social Security benefits.

However, 'normal' Social Security benefits may be taxable if your income is high enough. We provide information on taxation of Social Security benefits at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these SSI benefits, we present below all Social Security benefit data for Crossville, TN 38558.

Average Monthly Social Security Benefit$1,365
Average Monthly Retirement Benefit$1,402
Average Monthly Widow & Parent Benefit$1,400
Social Security (OASDI) Total Recipients5,615
Social Security Age 65 or more Recipients4,980
Social Security Retirement Recipients4,930
Social Security Disability Recipients205
Social Security Widow or Parent Recipients205
Social Security Spouse Recipients225
Social Security Child Recipients50

Listed above is 2013 Social Security benefit data for Crossville, TN 38558. For example, the average retired worker received $1,402 as a monthly retirement benefit in 2013. For comparison, the national average retirement benefit was $1,294 in 2013. Benefit amounts will increase if you have higher wages and a longer work history. Also, there were a total of 5,615 people in Zip 38558 who received Social Security benefits of any kind (retirement, disability or survivor).


Social Security Benefits for Cumberland County, TN

Social Security (OASDI) Total Recipients21,190
Social Security Retirement Recipients15,130
Social Security Female Age 65 or More Recipients 8,365
Social Security Male Age 65 or More Recipients 7,415
Social Security Retired Spouse Recipients760
Social Security Retired Parent's Child Recipients150
Social Security Disability Recipients2,825
Social Security Disabled Spouse Recipients45
Social Security Disabled Parent's Child Recipients550
Social Security Surviving Widow or Parent Recipients1,285
Social Security Surviving Child Recipients445

For the above set of data, we move out to the country level as we don't have data at the Zip code 38558 level. This county data shows the variety of benefits available, and the relative number of recipients for each benefit.

For example, in Cumberland county, there are 21,190 people who receive Social Security benefits of any type. However, there are only 150 children who receive benefits as the child of a retired worker. This is a relatively rare benefit, but it shows the variety of potential benefits available under Social Security.


SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Benefits for Cumberland County, TN

Average Monthly SSI Benefit$509
SSI Total Recipients1,755
SSI Aged Recipients 112
SSI Disabled & Blind Recipients 1,643
SSI Age 17 and Under Recipients172
SSI Age 18-64 Recipients1,233
SSI Age 65 or More Recipients350
SSI and OASDI Recipients757

For the above set of data, we stay at the county level but we show data for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits.

For example, in Cumberland county, there are 1,755 people who receive SSI benefits of any type.


Below we list data about the amount of Social Security, IRA and pension income reported on tax returns.

AGI $0 ~ $25,0001180270439
AGI $25,000 ~ $50,0009106904908
AGI $50,000 ~ $75,0007405909477
AGI $75,000 ~ $100,00057049010811
AGI $100,000 ~ $200,00056044010394
AGI $200,000 and higher90601348
AGI $0 ~ $25,00011803902801
AGI $25,000 ~ $50,0009104605207
AGI $50,000 ~ $75,0007403906458
AGI $75,000 ~ $100,0005703507286
AGI $100,000 ~ $200,00056033011466
AGI $200,000 and higher90403404
AGI $0 ~ $25,00011805905844
AGI $25,000 ~ $50,00091064012360
AGI $50,000 ~ $75,00074058018163
AGI $75,000 ~ $100,00057050021118
AGI $100,000 ~ $200,00056044025226
AGI $200,000 and higher90604170

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