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Survivor benefits paid directly to a child

Survivor benefits paid directly to a child

May 22, 2009 by admin

This may be difficult. Note that benefits stop when you reach age 18 unless you are a student or disabled. If a student, benefits can continue through age 19.

Note that in general, the law requires minor children and legally incompetent adults to have representative payees. Definition of a minor varies from state to state, but generally folks under age 18 are classified as minors. So, in general, you must have a representative payee.

Note the representative payee's obligation is to ensure that the current needs of the beneficiary (child) are met. Once that has been done, the beneficiary has the right to have some discretionary spending money, even if the payee does not approve of all of the child's choices.

You could potentially change the representative payee if desired.

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