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Representative Payee Fraud

Representative Payee Fraud

November 28, 2009 by Guest

My Aunt is on disabilty and is being paid social security. My grandfathers son is her representative payee. In the family some questions have begun to arise as to whether they are managing her payments ethically. Recently they have decided to stop paying her bills and are waiting for her to eventually lose her house. While they have done this they are still collecting her social security and she is unaware that they have stopped paying her bills. They have been very adamant about not telling her about the money situation as she is very mentally unstable. What can we do to stop this. They are very secretive about what they are getting and what they are or are not paying. We are concerned she will end up homeless while they are collecting her social security. Is there a way to confront them and challenge a change of representative payee status so that someone more ethical is managing this?


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