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Last month my survivor benifits were cut

Last month my survivor benifits were cut

December 18, 2009 by Guest

My husband was a paraplegic, in a wheel chair, for the 131/2years of our marriage, when I applied for widows, benefits, after his death, I received
his full benefits and 1/2 of mine, now that has changed, reducing
my benefits, I am now, 75 years of age, and I was left with, a huge mortgage payment to pay, $220,000.00, still owed on it, and in addition to my social security benefits( which have been cut) I have to work part
time. It is very hard to survive, with medical expenses, which I have
been recently diagnosed as a diabetic. I need any additional, help, that I
am aware of that I am entitled to, through social security.
Is anyone listening? Where do the cuts stop, for the average working class of people in this country ??
Help needed,

C. Crisp

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