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Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B

August 20, 2010 by lrwin

I enrollled my wife in Medicare when she was eligible. I thought i was enrolling her in both Part A and B. According to your info on this website it is supposed to be automatic. When she got her card she was only enrolled in Part A. She called and they sent a form and I returned it promptly- still no part B. I called again and they sent another form and returned it promptly and received a letter that it was too late to enroll.
According to your website she has eight months aftr heer prviate insurance was dropped to enroll and that was in June. We currently have to pay an outrageous premium for insurance because she is not enrolled in Part B.
I have not even turned 65 and they sent me Medicare card last month and it was for both part A and B and I did not even apply. HELP!

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