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lump sum disability payment

lump sum disability payment

September 13, 2010 by Guest

Hi; I was wondering, that since I was qualified and granted disability; and was given a "backpay" payment. I was in the process of going through divorce at the time ( ex-husband and I had joint account but his paychecks went to a seperate bank; our account was just used to pay bills until my disability came. He then took over half of my settlement; and then the money that was delegated for one of my two dependant children without my permission; pretty much leaving me broke. He does have primary custody of the juvenile in joint conservatorship; but is he allowed to just take my money and run? I have bank statements to show my account was inactive unless he transferred funds to electronically pay bills- essentially abandoning the account. He would not even remove himself after we were divorced. I had to go with him to the bank to remove himself. Was he entitled to half my money ? If he was not allowed to have my backpay; what can I do> Thanks, Bekkah.

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