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Child Relationship Statement and benefit eligibility

Child Relationship Statement and benefit eligibility

February 17, 2011 by Lisa l (not verified)

On March 1, 2011 the State of Washington terminated any TANF benefits for minor children in the home of a social security receipient. This means that the SSI I receive will now be the only income into our home.

Because of this mandated state change would my child be eligible for some sort of funds from SSI due to his dependency factor upon me solely.

I am his sole custodian and his father is not working and receiving GAU due to the fact he cannot work due to his drug use. and psycological condition.

It is my understanding that the SSI I currently receive is based on my own social security need.

My child should be supported by his father (I have a Court order but he doesn't pay) or by state assistance. Since neither of these exist, how does this affect my situation?

This is a very confusing situation to say the least. Please advise me.

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