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payee abusing my sisters S.S.I. monthy Income.........

payee abusing my sisters S.S.I. monthy Income.........

March 2, 2011 by Guest

Hello my situation is very heartbreaking.......
my mother is my sister's Payee for her S.S.I. because my sister is mentally disabled. My mother has been taking money from my sister, she refuses to show my sister any statements from the BANK,she refuses to to show or denies any letters or back pay checks that my sister has recieved.

My sister got a little upset one day so when my mother had left to go play bingo in san bernadino,ca. as she does 5 days a week with my sisters money,my sister decided to get nosy and look around for any kind of letters or bank statements, low and behold my sister had found a letter from the Social Security Office stating that my sister will be recieving a $2,954.00 check deposited in her and my mothers bank account in july of 2010.

my sister had found this letter 2 months later. my sister asked my mother about the money and she denied it,then my sister being upset went and got the letter and showed it to her,my mothers response was this.....( WELL YOU DIDN'T NEED IT AND I DID) my sister was in awe and totaly speechless. my doesn't want our mother to be her PAYEE anymore.

What can me and my sister do to stop my mothers payee rights and what steps do we have to take to get me to be her payee. my sister has been diagnosed with colon cancer and I have been her care taker for the past 2 years. me and my sister dont want nothing bad to happen to our mother legally,but don't want her handling my sister's S.S.I please help us with info. on how we handle this sad unfortunate situation that has and is happening in our family.
thank you,
concerned kin

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