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Will my adult disabled child's benefits increase?

Will my adult disabled child's benefits increase?

April 1, 2011 by Guest

I have 2 daughters who receive survivors benefits from their father. One is turning 18 this month and will stop receiving benefits in June when she is out of school, and my oldest is 24 and is an adult disabled child. I would like to know if my youngest daughters share of benefits will transfer over to her sister - my oldest daughter? I was told several times by the SS office over the years that she would receive her sisters share once she turns 18, but now they are saying yes and no.
I called the SS office today and they said something about 75% cap and that her benefit WOULD NOT increase, and I DO NOT understand what they meant by the 75%. I called back a second time because I always seem to get different answers, and the next person said her benefit WILL increase.Can you please explain? Thank you!

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