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Difference between Numi-lite and Numident

Difference between Numi-lite and Numident

December 28, 2011 by admin

The SSN card is the only official verification of an SSN. However, the SSN Printout can be used to verify an SSN. The SSN Printout, also called a “Numi-lite,” was developed to guard against unnecessary disclosures of the personal information contained on the Numident. The Printout displays the name of the individual and the SSN assigned to that individual. The issuing office stamps and signs the Printout before giving it to the requester. If the number holder (client) cannot provide sufficient evidence to obtain an SSN card because the evidence was lost or destroyed in a disaster, offer the SSN Printout as an alternative.

The Numi-lite is meant to provide an alternative to issuing a Numident printout for SSN verification. The "NUMI-lite" went into production in SSA field offices in March 2002. This printout provides less identification information and therefore is less likely to facilitate identity theft.

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