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where can I get straight answers?

where can I get straight answers?

February 26, 2009 by Guest

I worked for an employer who conducted business as a specialty shop owner. During the short time I was employed there I found that things didn't add up financial. Payments were not logged properly into books or claims/invoices seemed to be altered frequently. I'm not familar with all the guidelines but, are their requirements for the person submitting the claim (person with a criminal history). What if items are billed first to the insurance company to see what will be allowed, then the patient is billed based on those results. And if the business receives payment how long after that should the patient have to wait for their product. What if an over payment is received, can a business negotiate with the patient --provide them with product throughout 12 month period. Should this be decided by the insurance company. What I saw was my boss getting richer, while patients were put on hold getting cheap worthless garments. THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!!

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