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Duty to Report Certain Events

106. Duty to Report Certain Events

106.1 Who is responsible for reporting events affecting benefits?

You are responsible for reporting any event(s) that may affect your Social Security or Supplemental Security benefits. We explain this responsibility when you apply for benefits. (See §133 and Chapter 18.)

106.2 What can you do if you disagree with SSA's decision about your claim or benefits?

If you are dissatisfied with any action taken affecting your right to monthly benefits, a lump-sum death payment, or entitlement to hospital or medical insurance protection, you may appeal. We will explain your appeal rights. We will also assist you in your appeal, your request for a hearing by an administrative law judge, or your request for review by the Appeals Council. (See Chapter 20.) If you are dissatisfied with any action taken regarding your request for extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs, see Chapter 26. If you want to appeal a determination regarding your Medicare Part B Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount see Chapter 26.

Last Revised: Jul. 25, 2007

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