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Excerpted from "Social Security Handbook". See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at

13. Wages

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Work Information

September 22, 2008 by Guest

"Hi" I need a copy of all my benefits from my jobs I have worked at. How do I get that information?

Social Security Earnings Statement

September 23, 2008 by David Luhman

Please check this resource to obtain your Social Security Statement :

Maximum salary allowed

October 9, 2008 by Guest

My husband would like to retire at age 62 but continue to work part-time. What is the amount he is allowed to make before he would have to pay back a portion to SS?

I think my emplyer is taking out to much social security on me

February 3, 2009 by Guest

I only made 18,000 this yr but I paid out 1100 in Social Security how do I find out if they are taking to much out on my and why..

Your tax rate seems about right

February 4, 2009 by David Luhman

The the FICA (Social Security / Medicare) tax rate, is 7.65 percent for employees and 15.30 percent for self-employed people. The rates are broken out as follows:
* 6.2% (Social Security portion) on earnings up to the maximum taxable amount ($106,800 in 2009)
* 1.45% (Medicare portion) on all earnings.

So your tax of $1,100 / $18,000 = 6.1 percent sounds about right for the Social Security tax.

However, you may essentially be eligible to get some of your FICA taxes "rebated" to you thru the Earned Income Credit. See here for details :

Additional Deduction Money

March 11, 2009 by Guest

Who do I contact to have additional money taken out of my Social security check per month for extra Income Tax deduction?

God Bless You

Withholding income tax from Social Security check

March 12, 2009 by David Luhman

Please use IRS form W4-V for this.

When you complete the form, you will need to select the percentage of your monthly benefit amount you want withheld. You can have 7%, 10%, 15% or 25% of your monthly benefit withheld for taxes.

Sign the form and return it to your local Social Security office by mail or in person.

God bless you too ;-)


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