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20. Determinations and the Administrative Review Process


award letter

November 3, 2009 by Guest

my first widows benefits check should be here anyday.and I have not recieved a letter saying when it will arrive or how much I will recieve

Social security payment dates

November 4, 2009 by David Luhman

You can see Social Security payment dates here :

In general, payment dates are the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of the month, depending on your birthday.

Regarding your lack of an award letter, please contact Social Security directly.


February 29, 2012 by Guest

PHILA., PA 19132

Please contact Social Security directly for any personal issues. is not affiliated with the government agency.

payee not giving me my money

July 17, 2012 by Guest

its funny how you trust someone to be your payee, then when you turn your back for one second they steal it from you. i went to the social security office and filed a complaint, yet what did they tell me......if it were a matter of thousands of dollars we would pursue it, but since it was only $628.00 ( my only source of income per month) that they wont pursue it. so let this be a lesson to those out there watch out who you assign to be your payee, and second SOCIAL SECURITY DOESN'T HELP THE LITTLE GUYS. WHO HERE THINKS THAT $628.00 IS JUST MEAGER PENNIES? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP SOCIAL SECURITY THANKS FOR THAT!! SCOTT H. MICHIGAN

Changing representative payee

July 17, 2012 by David Luhman

You or your representative payee may, at any time, request a change or terminate the payee arrangement. Following such a request, the SSA will investigate the situation and make a determination.

Please contact the SSA directly for this.

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