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In-Kind Income

2140. In-Kind Income

2140.1 What is "in-kind income"?

"In-kind income" is income that is not in the form of cash or negotiable instruments. Examples of in-kind income include real property, food, and occasionally, wages (e.g., room and board as compensation for employment).

2140.2 How is in-kind income valued?

In-kind income that is unearned and directly satisfies the need for food or shelter is called "in-kind support and maintenance." It has special rules for valuation. Any other in-kind income is valued at its current market value.

Last Revised: Aug. 4, 2006

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Social Security Report

April 16, 2011 by Charleen Strasner

the report that SS sends out yearly, can u print that out from this site?

Social Security statements

April 17, 2011 by David Luhman

You used to be able to obtain these statements online. However, it seems they've recently suspended this service.


In light of the current budget situation, we have suspended issuing Social Security Statements.

You may be able to estimate your retirement benefit using our online Retirement Estimator.


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