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Description of Extra Help Available for Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

2600. Description of Extra Help Available for Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

The Medicare Prescription Drug Program offers extra help with prescription drug costs. The program gives you a choice of prescription plans that offer various types of coverage. You may be able to get extra help to pay for the premiums, annual deductible, and co-payments related to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program.

Last Revised: Aug. 2, 2007

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not recieving my meds

April 28, 2010 by Guest

I am have a medicare drug program. every month I recive a letter from Humana that they will no longer will pay for my medications. I have fibromygia and I am in content pain. I have tried other medication and nothing seems to work. at one time I was using 20 different medications to help mentain my pain, but nothing worked. I asked the Dr. numerous time to talk to humana about using this one medication that helped with my constant pain, but nothing helped. What can I do


April 28, 2010 by David Luhman

You may want to try This site allows access to personalized information regarding your Medicare benefits and services.


January 14, 2011 by ansonlam888

I am 80 years old and get only $688.00 for SSA per month. Am I eligible for SSI? If so, how much do I get the SSI? or can I go any SSA office to apply for it?

Qualifying for SSI

January 17, 2011 by David Luhman

Here is a good link on SSI qualification and application procedure :

Really??? Deductibles....

March 21, 2012 by Guest

I was using Medicare Part D, Part B, and Part A successfully while I lived in NJ. I never paid a deductible out of pocket. I moved to Pa. to find myself being charged $150.00 the first year and the this year I am to pay $325.00 for the DEDUCTIBLE that I never recieved a letter about in NJ. Now, then, my question is, Am I missing something that I had in NJ that I didn't get or haven't been told about here in Pa? And, whats with the co-pays of $40.00 every time I go to the DR. I never payed that in NJ. Maybe the same "thing" that took care of those deductibles is the same thing that takes care of the co-pay, what say you?

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