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What is other benefit income?

2707. What is other benefit income?

Other benefit income is any recurring payment you receive as an annuity, pension, retirement or disability benefit. It includes such payments as:

  1. Social Security old-age or survivors insurance benefits;

  2. U.S. veterans compensation or pension payments;

  3. Veterans benefits from another country (for example, PVAO in the Philippines);

  4. Civil Service benefits (for example, GSIS in the Philippines);

  5. Military pensions (for example, AFP in the Philippines);

  6. Railroad annuities or pensions; and

  7. Unemployment insurance benefits.

This income must have been received from the same source, or a related, source during the 12-month period before the month in which you file your application for SVB.

Last Revised: Apr. 18, 2006


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