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* married and divorced twice

I was married for 13 years then divorced. I remarried and was married for 10 years then divorced, am i entitled to any of either SS of my ex-husbands if they pass away before me?

Updated : September 10, 2010 by Guest

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Divorce an Social Security benefits

September 10, 2010 by David Luhman

There are two types of benefits, survivors and retirement benefits.

If you are the divorced spouse of a worker who dies, you could get benefits just the same as a widow or widower, provided that your marriage lasted 10 years or more.

In the case of survivor benefits, you can receive full benefits at full retirement age for survivors or reduced benefits as early as age 60. You can also begin receiving survivor benefits as early as age 50 if you are disabled.

For retirement benefits, if you are eligible for retirement benefits on your own record then SSA will pay that amount first. If you are divorced, but your marriage lasted 10 years or longer, you can receive benefits on your ex-spouse's record (even if he or she has remarried) if:

  • You are unmarried;
  • You are age 62 or older;
  • The benefit you are entitled to receive based on your own work is less than the benefit you would receive based on your ex-spouse's work; and
  • Your ex-spouse is entitled to Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

You will want to contact the SSA directly for your case.


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