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Married and need to change last name on social security card after many years.

Married for 20 years, but combined maiden and married name on income tax. All other documents have married name. Can I use my
drivers license and birth certificate to indicate the connection and have my name changed just to married name on social security card?

Updated : April 8, 2011 by Guest

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Changing name on Social Security card

April 9, 2011 by David Luhman

I don't believe this would be a problem. You need to :

  • Complete Form SSA-5
  • Then provide the SSA proof of :
    • Marriage (ex. marriage certificate)
    • Identity (ex. driver's license)
    • Citizenship (ex. birth certificate, passport)

You'd want to follow-up and ensure your earnings are properly attributed to you for later benefits.

Marriage Name Change on SSN Card

April 12, 2011 by Guest

If the marriage took place over 2 years ago, in addition to your marriage certificate, you must submit a valid identification document in both the old and "new" names. Your Birth Certificate does not establish identity, unfortunately. Citizenship documents are not required for a name change unless you are a LAPR.


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