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Replacement SS card with name change

I sent in ALL of the important ORIGINAL documents necessary to get a new SS card with my married name over a month ago and haven't received any information back or any of my original documents. The ONE time I was able to get through to talk to a live person in the SS office, she told me nothing was in their system showing they had received my information.

I am EXTREMELY worried about this. My husband and I have both been victims of identity theft before and considering the envelope I sent in had all the original documents, because they don't accept copies, that prove my existence I feel like I should have gotten some kind of confirmation email or follow up information regarding my request.

When bringing this problem to the attention of the SS personnel I spoke with on the 1-800 number 2 weeks ago, she advised me I should have just brought my paperwork into my nearest SS office. Unfortunately, that it is impossible for me because I work until 6:00pm everyday and the offices near my house close at 3:30pm. How can I resolve this issue ASAP?

Updated : September 4, 2012 by Guest


replacement card

September 12, 2012 by Guest

I never got my card with my husbands last name I told I will get in a week its almost been 3 weeks and I still did not get my card.

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