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Request for my deceased father's 1099-SSA

My father passed away in March 2009. I am the Trustee of his estate, because my mother has already passed away. At the time of my father's passing, I notifed the SSA and provided my name, title, and contact information. I have not, however, received his 1099-SSA.

The SSA's CSR on the phone told me I need to go to the local SSA field office to request a duplicate of the 1099 in person. What documents do I need to provide, if any, as proof that I am authorized to make the request and to receive the document?

Updated : February 19, 2010 by Guest

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Documentation needed to obtain decedant's SSA-1099

February 20, 2010 by David Luhman

I couldn't find an exact source on this, but it seems that the SSA will "Accept at face value letters of administration, or similar documents" in estate issues. To me, this typically means a properly executed will or trust document. You also would likely need your own personal ID (driver's license, passport or similar).

You may want to call SSA to verify.


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