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2009 stimulus check

I signed up Social Security in January 2009. My first check will be received in May 2009. I think it is very unfair that I do not receive the $250 stimulus check just because I did not sign up in December 2008. I was not sure when I could sign up as I turned 62 March 13th and thought I had to wait until I was 62. A friend told me when we spoke in January that I could sign up prior to my birthday, had I known this I would have signed up in time to get the stimulus check but I like other have great hindsight.

I believe if you qualify for a social security check in 2009 you should receive a stimulus check in 2009 like everyone else, especialy since my first social security check in my whole life will be received in May 2009 when everyone else will be getting an additional stimulus check. As usual I am getting left out of the good stuff.

Thank you for letting me share.

Updated : April 30, 2009 by Guest


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Filing a complaint

November 20, 2013 by David Luhman

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