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bad payee

my boyfriend recieves these monthly benefits about $850. but his representative payee is his mom. she get his money direct deposit, but she continuously takes out money from his check and hands him a small portion all the time.

he's always struggling to have food for the month, has no bed sleeps on a couch. He lives with his mom grandma and sister and pays his portion of $300 for rent of his room (which his mom automatically takes out! ) she doesn't take care of him she doesn't communicate with him about any of his money she just simply takes it out and if he even tries to mention something they start threatening him about kicking him out.

he's about to be 21 next month and we are having a baby in less than 3months. they basically live off his money while he struggles every month to even eat. he's mentally and physically capable of managing his own but every time he tries to mention about a change to his payee(mom) she starts drama and tells him if he don't like this he can move out, but how is he supposed to when she's always taking all his money..HELP!!!!!

Updated : March 2, 2012 by Guest

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Changing or removing a bad representative payee

March 3, 2012 by David Luhman

The representative payee is required to spend funds solely for the benefit of the covered individual. Any unused funds must be saved for the benefit of the covered person.

The following links may be helpful regarding this:

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