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can a person get ssi for getting molested?

I was wondering if my child is able to get ssi due to getting molested. She goes to counseling every week.

Updated : October 14, 2012 by cutiepie

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Child SSI in case of molestation

October 14, 2012 by David Luhman

I do not believe a child can receive SSI based solely on a history of molestation. I believe the child would have to suffer either a physical or mental disability (whatever the cause) to receive SSI.

If, for example, the child suffers mood or anxiety disorders, he/she may qualify for SSI disability on that basis.


November 11, 2012 by Guest

My child has a lot of issues she acts out a lot from the whole being molested issue. She has nightmares due to it and thats why she goes to counseling every week to overcome this bad thing that happened to her. Now would she be able to I think she has anxiety due to it she never wants to be without me. She sleeps in my bed everynight .

Disability due to molestation

November 11, 2012 by David Luhman

The child may qualify for SSI if her experience causes her to have some sort of mental disability.

To qualify for SSI you also must have limited income and assets.

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