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Why do they stop giving me benefits for SSI?


I am Hearing impaired and I have been receiving benefits since I was 19. I am 26 now. I just moved to Davision, MI for my new life. I moved from Philadelphia, PA.

After completing my Master's Degree and my internship (no paid) from recent last summer, they have been sendin me letters to go see a specific person at the office in Northeast Philadelphia which I could not make it because I was still in school and was never notified. They sent a second letter as a warning that I must go to my appointment. So, I finally came home and went to the office. The lady at the office told me that the appointment had been rescheduled and will send me another letter in two weeks. In one week, I am moving to Michigan so the letter was never sent to my home in Philadelphia or in Michigan. So they told me that they will stop giving me benefits for September. What should I do? Contact Michigan office and explain?

Need a BIG help...

Thank you,


Updated : August 21, 2011 by Guest

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Trouble with SSI payment and moving

August 21, 2011 by David Luhman

Sorry, we really can only provide general advice, and we haven't run across this situation before. You'll have to contact the SSA directly for this.

Note you must report when you change residence to the SSA.

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