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Disabled Child Receiving Survivors Benefit

My 12 year old is disabled (severely autistic) and solely receives
Survivors Benefits due to his father's passing. The issue is that his16 year old half-brother who was also receiving Survivors Benefits recently passed away tragically. My question is whether or not my son's benefit amount will change? I was not provided a definitive answer when I called SSA but was told instead to await notification in the mail. ??
In addition, I have read that as my son's caregiver, I may also qualify for the Survivors Benefit. (a possibility I did not pursue in the past in order to avoid the eldest child be slighted in any way).
Any information and guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Updated : February 5, 2012 by Guest

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Family maximum and support for mother as caregiver

February 6, 2012 by David Luhman

Regarding the "family maximum", see the following post :

As far as you qualifying for benefits as the caregiver for your son, this is a definite possibility.

Normally, a widow or widower with a child younger than age 16 receives 75 percent of the deceased worker's benefit amount.

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