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Survior benefits and two households

Two households are receiving benefits. My oldest child is now 18 and graduated high school. His benefit was divided between me, my youngest son and my husbands son that lives with his mother.

What I was wondering does this happen to each of us as we lose our benefit? Will the youngest child end up with the full amount of the family benefit?

Updated : July 24, 2010 by Guest


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Survivor benefits and family maximum

July 24, 2010 by David Luhman

I'm not sure of the details of your situation, but there is a possibility that the family as a group was subject to the family maximum benefit.

Thus, it is possible that as one child "graduates" (stops receiving) from benefits, the remaining children may see increases in their benefits -- to a point.

There's a limit to the amount that family members can receive each month. The limit varies, but it is generally equal to about 150 to 180 percent of the basic benefit rate.

If the sum of the benefits payable to family members is greater than this limit, the benefits will be reduced proportionately. (Any benefits paid to a surviving divorced spouse based on disability or age won't count toward this maximum amount.)

Please contact SSA directly for personalized analysis of this.

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